How do I install vViewer?

In order to enable your device to be viewed by others, you have to download and install the vViewer.exe, which is available on our homepage. Run the downloaded .exe and follow the installer’s instructions.

Which devices and operating systems are supported?

You may view and/or remote access your own, friend’s, colleague’s or customer’s computer from every device that has a browser. The vViewer.exe, that is necessary in order to enable others to access your computer, is currently available for Windows. The support of other operating systems (such as Linux and Mac), so that these may be used as host devices, will follow shortly.

How do I start the screen sharing?

To start the screen sharing process you simply run vViewer. The program will open up its main (sender) menu in a window on the bottom right of your screen. Below your personal (sender) information (“Your ID” & “Pin”) START SCREEN SHARE may be selected to activate your stream. Your stream’s current status is visualized by the color of the monitor above.

How do I access another device?

To view or remote control another device, simply start your browser (Chrome or Firefox) and enter www.vviewer.com. Login to access and connect to your personal list of devices or select DIRECT ACCESS and connect to an existing stream by entering the respective “Partner ID” and “Partner Pin”. Choose “Remember” in order to enable a 1-click-connection to that stream in the future. You may also name the accessed device (“user alias”) in order to easily find it in the future.

Why should I register a vViewer account?

If you register your personal vViewer account, you benefit from the entire range of features. While accessing other devices is also possible without an account, organizing and managing your frequently accessed list of devices and benefiting from one-click-remote-access is only available to registered users.

How secure is vViewer?

All vViewer connections are end-to-end encrypted (256 Bit AES). Due to the fact that vViewer establishes peer-to-peer and therefore direct connections between senders and viewers, no data is stored on any servers at any given time. Your security and privacy have been major concerns to us while developing vViewer.

How is private use defined?

vViewer is completely free for private use. Connecting to family members and friends is therefore free of charge. If, however, your activities follow a direct or indirect commercial purpose and are therefore value adding, you are kindly asked to upgrade your account and order vViewer Plus. Check our pricing policy or get in contact with us and receive a tailored vViewer Plus offer.

How can I communicate with others?

vViewer supports chat, file transfer and webcam communication. All of which may be accessed and initiated through the corresponding buttons, in the navigation bar at the top of your screen. As sender you may enable/disable all features in the settings menu; accessible through the gear-wheel in your sender menu.