Cookies Policy

This website uses cookies. A cookie is a very small text file that can be saved on a computer's hard drive to store some information about the user and can only be read by the website that issued that cookie. In no case will cookies be executable files and may not contain viruses. This website uses cookies for the sole purpose of obtaining information about how users navigate in the website. In this way this web will be able to improve the services offered to its users when knowing, for example, which are the most demanded ones. To do so, we use the Google Analytics analytics service offered by Google. Inc. and therefore the information about how the website is used will be directly transmitted and archived by Google on the servers of the United States that will handle this information on our own with the only purpose to provide us with reports of website activity and Internet usage. In no case will your IP be used by Google to link it with any of the other services that Google may lend to you.

The cookies we use do not collect personal data of our users (names, surnames, address, bank details or any other). The information provided by cookies is valuable as it helps us to improve the service we offer our users. However, and although we appreciate your acceptance of the cookies on the site, we remind you that you can configure your browser to accept or not the cookies that we send or for the browser to notify you when a server wants to save a cookie.

What cookies do we use and why?


This session cookie allows us to detect if the user has accepted the use of cookies in order not to show him the warning again.


This cookie allows you to detect which was the last tab you visited so that the next visit is in the same one.

Google Analytics

These are persistent, performance cookies and are used as part of our web analytics activity to control traffic and compile reports on how users use our website. Cookies are used to capture anonymous data about the user experience on the web and The information is aggregated and allows us to analyze trends and make improvements on our website. Below is a more detailed explanation of each type of Google Analytics cookie: -UTMA - this cookie keeps track of the number of times a user has been on our website, on their first visit and when it was the last time ; -UTMB and UTMC - these cookies work together to calculate the time it takes a visit. UTMB collects information of the exact moment in time that a visitor enters our web, whereas UTMC collects information of the exact moment in the time in which a visitor leaves the web. UTMB expires at the end of the session. UTMC waits 30 minutes and then expires (this timeframe is necessary to ensure no additional activity occurs) - UTMZ - this cookie tracks where the visitor came from for example, which search engine was used, which was clicked In the link, which keyword is used and in what part of the world the user accesses our website.-UTMV- This is a cookie that is used to segment demographics, obtained through the quotation.

Microsoft Internet Explorer, from the View menu, selecting Internet Options and accessing Advanced Options
Firefox, from the Tools menu, selecting Page Information, Permissions, Setting Cookies
Opera, from the Settings menu, Selecting Options, Advanced tab, Cookies.

In case you use another browser please consult the user manual of the same. Google has also developed a plug-in for browsers that disables sending data to the Google Analytics tool and you can download here: